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"fuck that, I’m Harry Potter"

Tell me I’m not alone

I’ve only been working for a month and im scared about what I am going to say: I am miserable. Im a full time student and part-time employee. Sounds easy and it is to some people. When I say I am miserable, I ment it in the way that I am not happy (loving the $$) because I do not see my friends and I do not get to rest. By saying this, I am horrified to think I will grow up to be a zombie-like worker in the future. The difference here is that right now I’m doing something I do not care about unlike my future job.

And there is times i want to quit.


i was going to write a funny caption but i really have no words to describe what emotion i’m feeling right now

The Blogger,

I can write a whole essay on how awesome I am but the thruth is, words dont define who I am.
I hope my blog shows you my true self.

The road is hard, but with God, anything is possible.
Remember that I'm only a blog away.

If I dont follow you back, just ask(:

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